Monday, August 9, 2010

Stop living in Mediocrity - How $13 can change the way you think about EVERYTHING!

If you do not have Joe Schroeder's book and cds he is running a SILLY special this month
His Disciplines of Doership Book and 4 cds plus a 2 week trial membership to the March
for $12.95
Everyone NEEDS this book - the message inside is changing lives.
If you don't enjoy the club just cancel...but where else can you get a book like 
this and 4 cds for the price of a pizza?
Grab a pen and papers and Listen to 800 772-9781 ext 10 for details
then you will call live operators to order.
If you decide you don't want to join the March - no worries, but
you should take advantage of the offer - a book and 4 cds - tell me,
how often do you see that kind of offer?
If you order the book, let me know!
You can call me at 973-714-2658 or
Learn more about me at
Hope you take advantage of this offer - I don't know how
long it will last, but it's well worth it.
800-772-9781 ext 10 (bring pen and paper)

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