Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't say I didn't tell you

Change is good!

Let's face it, it's very easy to sit in the same place day after day saying "Woe is

me - I didn't make prom queen, my parents didn't love me, my job sucks, it's

all because of the government - I can't do anything about it, yadda, yadda, yadda :)


I did - You can too

I'm giving you a number to call.  Grab a pen a paper and call - they will want to know who sent you - tell them Liz Bronson is your benefactor.

They will want $13 from you - can you imagine - $13 - is it a SCAM??  Must be,

no one ever asks for money in return for information you can wrap your

hands and head around, right? WRONG

All I can tell you is, I am part of this community and I have been blessed to

witness the changes in people.  People who have gone from "poor me" to

"Look out world here I come!"

So, what's the big deal and where do I call you are asking . . .

CALL 1-800-772-9781 EXT. 10 (24/7 recorded message)

Like I said before have a pen/paper - follow the instructions and

order the Book/4 CD set.  If you love it - yippee!  If you don't love it

- well, never mind EVERYONE loves it!

BUT . . .

If you don't love it, no worries you're only out $13 and you can probably sell the set to someone who is really interest for at least $20 so no one will lose.

Oh yeah! Here's that number again 1-800-772-9781 Ext. 10

When's the last time you picked up a book for $13 (never mind all the free goodies).

There's an extra bonus - but you will have to call the number to find out!

Let me know when you get your package in the mail.  I'd love to chat about it!

Talk soon,



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