Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crafting Your Story - How to Get People to Remember YOU

we'll be discussing the importance of crafting your story.

You know how you remember when someone tells you something in a story instead
of just rattling off a bunch of information.

I tell ya, if I had learned History in high school through historic novels instead of
the text books - remembers, dates, place, etc., I would have been a history whiz!


Stop by tonight, join the group over at Home and Small Business World
for some free story writing training!

This is generic training for any home-based or small business owner.

Learn how the perfectly crafted story can get your clients/customers running
for their credit cards 

Cya tonight!  Don't be shy - Say "Hi" 

9 pm est
414 944-0004
pass code 9774024#

Liz Bronson

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I'll keep you updated on other free calls/trainings

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