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I love the month of June . . .
Fireflies, longer days, Father's Day, Graduation, Weddings
To me June is the month of many life changes - it is also the middle
of the year.  Have you stayed on track with your New Year's resolutions?
There is still half the year to complete many of the goals you may have set.
One day you are the 18 year old anxious to head off on the adventure of LIFE. . .
you turn around and you are Grampa watching your grandchild's graduation!
The carefree June Bride is soon making a baby shower for her baby.
It does feel like time goes so quickly, but when you make each day an adventure,
an opportunity to give of yourself and to learn, these days will have so much
more meaning to them.
One of my teachers, the Great Joe Schroeder, always says -
"A life worth living is a life worth recording."
Sure, me all have those mundane day-to-day tasks to do, but 
when you take the time at the end of the day to review, in
writing what you did, you will see that each day has room
for magic.
There is potential for grace in every new sunrise, but it is not
going to hit you over the head - go out and look for it in every
day and in each encounter.  It's there - you just need to be
I have been in my car in traffic and seen an amazing
rainbow.  My first inclination is to tell everyone around me
to look up and take in the majesty before them.
So, I'm putting down my windows and pointing up
and some of the people don't even notice me - the
crazy lady in the car next to them - never mind the 
Now, the other people that do notice, they share
in the beauty with me and, for just that short moment
all the stress and concerns of the day melt away.
As strangers, we share a moment as fellow brothers
and sisters admiring something created - as if only
for our eyes!
So, enjoy this beautiful day.  Hold onto each grain of
sand for a precious second before it passes through
the hourglass.
I wish you Peace & Prosperity.
Liz Bronson




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