Thursday, June 3, 2010

Network Marketers - Beware of the Hypnotism Out There

Network Marketers - Have you been Hypnotized, Mesmerized out of your Money?

You know the feeling . . .

You hop on the webinar, get on the call for that great
new launch - the one that is going to “change your life.”

Oh,yeah, you must get in on the ground floor or be
left in the dust - just another loser. . .

Your eyes glaze over, you get that warm, feel-good feeling
in your gut - you just know - THIS IS IT!!!!      This time I’m
gonna get in, get going and become the next big time entrepreneur.

You’re going for your wallet -
You’re gonna do it -
You tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll save for summer vacation again, no one will miss the
money - besides, I’ll make it back and then some before the
month is out.”

Sound familiar???

Okay, so you get the biz in a box or the next great program and your excited,
you open the packages and browse through everything.  It’s like your
Birthday, gifts for you - and they are going to make you RICH, INDEPENDENT.

Flash forward two weeks - 

So, how much have you made?  How’s that downline coming along?

Truth -

The package of stuff is on your shelf with all the other “Must Haves” of the past.
You are out $$$ and you never applied what was in the book, cds or videos.

It’s all the fault of the company - the information was not easy, it wasn’t for you,
it was a come-on to get you to part with your money - AGAIN.

See a pattern here?  Truth is the info in the box or book or whatever does work,
but YOU did not take the time to even finish reading it, never mind apply it.

Like most folks, you were, once again, MESMERIZED into believing the story.
You didn’t consider the product or what you would do with it, you just listened to
the story that you wanted to hear.  The story of success that you can have by using
this product. (Key word here - USING the product)

And, there you have it, my friend, BUYER’S REMORSE!   
Now, when I count to three, you will wake up, feeling refreshed and
ready to think before you shell out more dough on the next gimmick.

You will go back to your business and apply what you already know -
and you do know a hell of a lot - admit it!

You will see results.  Then, and only then, will you consider buying
another product.

You don’t need more STUFF.  You need a community of people to
hang with, mastermind with and learn from.  That is where you
time and money is well spent!

Okay, you can wake up now :)
Wishing you Peace & Prosperity,

Liz Bronson

(973) 714-2658 my cell

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