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We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, which got me thinking . . .

We teach them to

-       Say please and thank you

-       Cover your mouth when you cough

-       Wash your hands before eating

-       Say your prayers before bed

-       Be polite to your elders

-       Don't talk to strangers

etc., etc., etc. . . . .

BUT - do we teach them how to think like a successful person?

By our example do they learn that we can do anything we set our minds to?

I suggest using each and every day as another opportunity to tell your children

how great they are - and what a wonderful world of opportunity we have to call home.

It is NEVER too soon to teach your children to bury the words I CAN'T

Teach them that they may not know how yet, but that does not mean they CAN'T

At the Million Mind March we actually make headstones and bury the words I CAN'T

You, too, can do this - make it a family project.  Keep the headstone as a reminder that

you have buried the words I CAN"T and they are gone forever!!!

When doubt sets in, point to the headstone J

Want to learn more Success Tactics? 

Want to learn how to think like Oprah Winfrey, George Washington, Bono, or anyone else who has been hugely successful in life???

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