Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am going out on a limb here. This is not my usual stuff, but I need to give a voice to my feelings - so hang tight.
My family spends summer vacation in Cape Cod every year. Summer of 2009 found us there on the day the Senator Edward Kennedy lost his battle with Brain Cancer.
Whatever your politics, this does not matter. The attached photo was taken at a makeshift memorial to Kennedy at the Kennedy museum in Hyannis.
What will my legacy be? Can I make the underdog feel like he has an advocate?
I was reminded of this photo this week when I learned of a high school senior who took his life.
Only a few months away from graduation, he was unable to hold out any longer.
This weighs heavily on my soul - 
I did not know this boy, do not know his name, but the story just drove home the feeling that a gaping hole is left where a life was just beginning.
May this desperate situation help to remind us that we need to watch out for our children and the elderly, those who may suffer in quiet desperation - who may feel alone in a crowded room.
Never minimize the positive effect that a few kind words or a little time to listen to someone can have on a life.
I do not know the details of this boy's depression or family, but I do know that he must have felt desperate and I do know that he is one of many kids who find life difficult. We should never ignore this or right it off as teenage angst.
School is tough - I don't think teachers or administrators even have a clue of half the hate and bullying that goes on.
Open your eyes my friends, look around for the underdog - give of yourself - know that you can make a positive impact on someone's day and life.
Teach this to your kids - bullying should never be acceptable 
We cannot save this lost child, but perhaps his passing can remind us to open our hearts and eyes and watch for those in need
May all those who are lonely find a friend, may all those who suffer find a shoulder to lean on and may each of us be blessed enough to be in the right place at the right time to make a difference.
Rest In Peace Young Man - Your passing was not a waste - it has served to stir my heart and mind and to remind me to never look past the underdog again.


Thank you all for giving me a space to share my heart - perhaps I will sleep better tonight!

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