Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As network marketers, our first instinct is to market our product or our opportunity. Most opportunities provide a template-type website, which all affiliates use to market the product. THE PROBLEM - 1. The product you and thousands of others are marketing is the same; 2. The website everyone uses is the same; 3. This is not your own business, you are simply another cog in a big corporate wheel. THE SOLUTION - 1. Market yourself. Through your videos, blogs, ezine articles and teleconferences, allow people to get to know you; 2. People will buy from and sign up under those they feel they know, they like and they trust. If you are seen all over the place, people will get familiar with you - they will gravitate toward you (not your product); 3. Once people know you, they will naturally become interested in what you are doing and ask about your products; 4. In marketing YOU, you are not limiting yourself to one product or opportunity. 5. You can become an affiliate to a number of companies and you can help people in their businesses by sending them to resources you use; 6. Happy with your autoresponder, site builder, web host? Become an affiliate and market these sites, send your team members to these sites to build their businesses. You are unique, allow it to come through in what your write and in your videos. Be genuine - people are attracted to real people. Be willing to share information. As you learn through mistakes, training, reading, etc., pass on what you learn. Some of the best information you can share is by telling people where you went wrong, what you did to correct the problem, and the positive outcome (hopefully there is one). Give of yourself, be yourself, and you are well on your way to a happy future!

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