Monday, July 27, 2009


One of my favorite mentors, the Great Joe Schroeder, always says, "You don't gotta get it right, just get it goin'." No truer words have been spoken!

If you hold out waiting to make the perfect video or right the most appealing ad copy, you will never get ahead. People are looking for real people they can follow. If you have something to say, chances are there are people out there just waiting to hear you. Don't wait for perfection, you will hone your talents as you progress and, in the meantime, you will gain followers, put up content and get it going!

People are looking for leaders they know, like and trust. Not everyone is looking for a slick, hot shot type to follow. If you come across as the real you in your writing and your videos, you will make people feel comfortable. Trying to hard can often show up on video - just speak from your heart, cover information you know, and be consistent.

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