Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Characteristics of a Successful Network Marketer – PATIENCE

Why do 98 percent of people leave network marketing before they even give themselves a chance? LACK OF PATIENCE!

If you expect to make a full-time income within your first three months, think again.

Okay, you have listened to all of the testimonials of folks who are well on their way to six figure incomes, people who have “fired their bosses” and those who are “living life on their own terms.” Sounds incredible, almost too hard to believe, right?

Well, it is true. Many people are using network marketing as their PLAN B. They are starting their own home-based businesses in an effort to augment their current income without the need to work a second job outside of the home. Some are starting their businesses after they are laid off from their jobs and collecting unemployment, and some are starting now in anticipation of additional income when they retire.

When starting out in the network marketing business, one must be patient. If you listen to the testimonials of many people trying to “sell” you on their opportunity, you would think that you should be making six figures overnight. In all honesty, this is a business which requires time and effort before you see results. Some people are lucky and start out with quick sales within the first month of signing up with their opportunity, but this is a small group.

You cannot enter the network marketing arena thinking you will make money from day one. You must be financially prepared to stay the course for at least one year. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways:

1. Continue working at your 9 to 5 job and work your home business in the evening, early morning and weekends. You may not get the results you want as quickly, but you are setting a foundation for a solid business without going broke in the mean time.

2. If you can get by on a part-time income, do that and devote even more time to getting your network marketing business up and running.

3. If you have lost your job and are collecting unemployment benefits, use this time to set up your business.

Give yourself time. Understand that you are embarking on a new adventure. Starting a new business of any kind requires time, investment and patience. You are the boss, you are in charge of how much time and effort you put into your business and tomorrow you will reap the benefits of the efforts you sow today.

They say patience is a virtue. In network marketing, patience is a requirement!

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