Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Be Mad at This

....because lord knows, there's a few people that are.


It's REALLY simple.

There's a lack of honestly in our industry today.



....gurus think they have to lie to sell stuff – and that transfers over to the new marketer who also begins to think they have to lie to sell stuff.

And it couldn't be further from the truth.

One of the questions that plagues people is....

“How do I attract people to buy from me when I don't have any success to show off”?

And typically, this question gets newbie marketers sucked into thinking they need to lie to impress people.

This leads to what I like to call....

“Parrot Syndrome”

....and that's when someone repeats something they hear – with the intention of ‘looking good’ – but it only makes them feel bad (for lying)…and look bad (because people are not dumb, and they know a lie when they hear one).

Good news:

You only need one 2 things to succeed online.

1) traffic (people to see your offer)

2) conversions (people to buy your offer)


As an affiliate or network marketer, the BIGGEST thing you'll struggle with, is finding a high converting offer.

(this means when your traffic ‘sees’ the offer – most of the time....the marketing sucks – so they don't buy)

Well, more good news:

And it doesn't suck :-)

What you're about to see is the highest converting offer online (that I've seen anyway).

When you watch the whole video....

…you'll see WHY I say that:

This way, you can let them do all the ‘selling’ for you.

No need to worry about explaining anything to anyone.

Or stretching the truth.

Just be you.

And let them help you create some results that you can go out and share with folks.

(this is why I love this so much)


Over the next few days, I'm going to be marketing pretty hard – and that's because I have some guys (the ones who made that video) who are doing most of the work for me.

They write the emails (I ‘copy and paste’ them)

They make the videos (I send traffic to them)

They do the selling (I keep all the money)


I swipe their marketing – send it out to my list, contacts and Facebook friends....

....and when someone buys – I keep all the money.

And no one has to lie because they caught a bad batch of ‘guru fever’.

And no one writes better ad copy than these guys.

Case in point:

This video has put over $4,000,000 in commissions directly into the bank accounts of average people in the last 4 months (mostly clueless newbies).

When you watch this video, you'll see why:

(before you click this link, make sure to grab a piece of paper to take notes)

You'll also see actual stories of real people (mostly previously struggling marketers) who are – well....

.....let's just say.....

.....not struggling anymore :-)

So, it's not just me.

There's lot's of us.

Will you be next?

This video reveals the answer you've been searching for....


Wishing you peace & prosperity,

Liz Bronson

(973) 714-2658 My Cell

Psst:  I have to tell you that the sender of this email could make money from the sale

of products you may purchase.  It's the law that I tell you - FTC says so!  Funny,
I would have told you anyway, because making extra money is fun and I want to 
share that with you!

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